Our Fleet and equipment

DBB Salvage A/S has many years of experience in salvage, heavy lift and towing operations.
The knowledge our staff has gained during many various operations all over Europe together with our range of various equipment today, enable us to provide highly skilled and qualified solutions for almost all kinds of jobs at sea.

DBB ROV Services A/S can support you with a wide range of subsea services. We operate containerized Subfighter ROV systems in 10 and 20 feet containers.
The ROV systems are Subfighter 7,5 – 30K, Inspection to Work class vehicles. Our tasks has through the years covered a wide range from salvage and construction to close visual inspection.



Tug Boat with 42 ton bollard pull
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Multipurpose tug and workboat
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Strong financial backing
and a track record you can depend on!

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