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DBB ROV Services A/S can assist in a wide range of marine tasks and have through the years gained experience in jobs as salvage, construction, drill support, visual and close visual inspection, seabed, cable and pipeline surveys. In the wind energy sector we have participated in construction and removal of monopiles and various surveys. As new tasks develops, our staff will work on the best solution possible to reach our clients goals.

DBB ROV Services A/S operate Sperre Subfighter ROV systems ranging from 7,5 KW to 30 KW built into 10 and 20 feet containers. Our containerized systems are all fitted with the Lock Latch system, which enable us to operate anywhere a crane can reach. Some of the systems have built in LARS, Launch And Recovery System, with own crane and winch.

We are looking forward to support you with the best possible ROV Services.

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4 November 2015

Survey Vessel IDEFIX today left Port of Aarhus for final DP-trials. In a few days IDEFIX will be ready for service anywhere wanted.

01 December 2015

DBB ROV Services A/S appointed by "BØRSEN" to be "Gazelle 2015 Company".


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