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What can we do for you?

From salvaging ships and large items from sea, to lifting wind turbine components, to assisting vessels stranded at sea, DBB Salvage can be relied on at times of need.

As one of the leading service providers in the industry, we have helped in many of the most notable salvage operations in the North Sea. We have the flexibility, experience and mobility to handle virtually any job at sea. Our DBB Salvage team works with you to mitigate risks – risks to life, cargo and marine ecosystems.
No salvage operation is ever the same. You can rely on our knowledge and experience to handle any job – big or small. DBB vessels are designed to meet constantly changing conditions and requirements, so that we can help you minimize downtime and get you back to business as usual.
Protecting life, property and the environment is critical. Our team provides safety, service and uncompromising reliability under the most demanding conditions at sea.

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DBB provides towing services under "Scandinavian Tugowners Standard Conditions":


 2 Steel tanks moved from Horsens to Aarhus

Strong financial backing and a track record you can depend on! 


Salvage operations

sunken vessels, groundings, oil recovery, chain cutting wrecks, efficient salvage operations


Years in business



Heavy lifts

offshore, newbuildings, engines, ship/ship - ship/shore, monopiles, offshore foundations, transport substations, wave buoys, decommissioning, quay construction

Above numbers updated on 05. February 2018

Lets work together to

Get the job done

Plan, document and execute offshore salvage, heavy lift and towing operations

Protect the environment

Mitigate environmental risks

Protect your investments

Save valuable cargo and on-board equipment

Comply with standards

Meet offshore industry standards, regulations and guidelines

Minimise disruption

Rapidly clear transportation channels at sea

Optimise performance

Minimise down-time and maximise results



Built in 2014, OBELIX has a bollard pull of 42 tons delivered from a 2,500 kW double Caterpillar machine.
With a GRT of 249.9 tons, OBELIX measures an overall length of 27.5m.


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Crane diagram

Contact the ship

obelix@dbbsalvage.dk, +4520340515

Eurocarrier 2495

Multipurpose tug and workboat for a broad variety of activities


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Eurocarrier 2611

Multipurpose tug and workboat for a broad variety of activities


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The EuroCarrier has been developed by Neptune Marine in close cooperation with the operators of these vessels. This leads to a multipurpose tug and workboat with an optimized design and character, making EuroCarrier the right support vessel for a broad variety of operations and activities, both in coastal waters and offshore.


Summer 2017

Over the summer, Samson and Obelix have been busy in various operations in Scandinavia.

Among others:

Removal of coal crane at Amagerværket for recycling.

Removal of "Bryghusbroen" in Port of Copenhagen for repair and maintenance.

Mounting of crane Foundations at the Sverdrup Platform in Haugesund.

Load out of 2 main engines and complete superstructure for new Building no. 770 at Flensburger Shipyard.


April 2017

Samson and Obelix finalized load out operation of 21 top plates at Kryssningskaien, Visby Gotland.


September 2016

Samson and Obelix completed load out operation of 20 caissons and 2 duc d'albes at Port of Visby, Sweden. Region Gotland together with Per Aarsleff A/S are building a new cruise berth to develop cruise-based tourism on the Island of Gotland. The cruise berth is planned to be ready in spring 2018.


DBB founded in 1987

The original “DBB” was founded in 1987 by Mr. Ove C. Eriksen.
The company name was Dansk Bjergning og Bugsering A/S (Danish Salvage and Towing Company).
Now a days only called DBB Salvage A/S.
Since then, Ove added DBB ROV Services A/S and others to the DBB group.

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